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Dr Jon Dron is  a full professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems and member of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) at Athabasca University, Canada. Until 2007 he was a principal lecturer at the University of Brighton, UK, where he remains an Honorary Faculty Fellow working with the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

Straddling the technology/education divide, his research interests broadly centre around social and structural aspects of learning technologies, with a particular emphasis on discovering, designing and employing methods and technologies to enable learners to help one another to learn.

He is the author of the book Control & Constraint in E-Learning: Choosing When to Choose . He has been a keynote speaker at many  international workshops and conferences, is author of scores of articles in journals, books and conference proceedings, several of which have received top paper awards at international conferences. His most recently published book, co-written with Terry Anderson, is Teaching Crowds: Learning & Social Media. His next book, How Education Works: Teaching, Technology, and Technique is under review.

A few other things that might be of interest

He occasionally develops software, mostly to support learning.

He is a National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.

His first career, for around 10 years, was as a singer/guitarist, mostly playing swing, jazz and blues. He still occasionally sings and plays in public. 

He spent some years managing servers, labs, networks, and support teams at the University of Brighton,

He has a PhD in learning technologies, a graduate certificate in higher education, an MSc in information systems, and a BA in philosophy.

He lives in Vancouver, BC.

You can find out much more about Jon and discover more of his work at https://jondron.ca/